Practice Expansion

Expanding to a new destination can be an exciting adventure. True North is here to enable those looking for a practice expansion to have the confidence that their plans of expansion will be executed as they envisioned. Practice expansion is an option to those looking to add additional locations, add a new service line or increase the number of providers in their practice. With years of business development experience, we here at True North can assist you in the business plan, ensure success of your operational plan, and help you to know how long before your investment pays back!

What to expect:

  • Analyze Success
  • Structure Growth
  • Centralize Operations
  • Expanding Brand
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Strategic Planning
Marking a map of where to a next practice expansion will be located

Why True North Physician Agency

Process Improvement

We can help identify and focus on specific patient groups by developing strategies to improve your current processing methods.

New Service Lines

There are opportunities to improve or add services and we are here to help you scale by understanding your demographics and identifying current trends.

Strategic Planning

True North is able to examine the volumes and financials of your business to help you determine where potential growth opportunities exist.

Frequently Asked Questions

Practice expansion is a stage where there is an opportunity for growth and seek out additional options.

All business regardless of size have the opportunity for growth in order to increase customers, business awareness, and increase profit.

Yes, there are different strategies tailored to every organizations needs.

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